Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ari's turning 3

ARI'S TURNING 3 THE END OF NEXT MONTH! AHH!!! Here is an update of Ari's life during her twos.

- She now sings along to all the songs on my Riding in the Car playlists. It only takes her listening to a song one time to be able to sing along to it. She also has memorized the opening song to all her favorite shows like sesame street and phineous and ferb (spelling?).

- Her vocabulary has grown tremendously! I catch her saying words that I have no idea where they came from.

- She goes to the potty all by herself!! This past year we said goodbye to diapers! Thank goodness!! We started working on that before she was two but it is official she can do it by herself. Washing her hands and all! She has only had two incidents wetting the bed too.

- Her favorite movies this year were Despicable ME, Megamind, Toy Story 3, Tinkerbell, Spiderman, Superman and the Barbie movies. (she also has most the songs from these movies memorized)

- She gets to go to work with mom at LXAS and jump around. She's become quite the jumper now.

-Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her cousins and go to the park! She asks to hang out with a different cousin everyday and her uncle Sione has become one of her favorite people. I'm beginning to think she prefers him over mom and dad. It's cute though I love that she loves the family and hangs out with them all enough to really know them.

- Ari got to go on her first plane ride! She loved it! I took a ton of things to keep her busy but she was son interested on everything that was going on that she didn't need any of it. Our trip was to California and she had a blast hanging out with grandma and grandpa!

-Ari has mastered the tantrum. Unfortunately she is a total screamer! But we've come to realize that this behavior is only with me. Wambli is the strict one and I'm the push over. Now that i've been trying to fix this the tantrums are getting worse but she's slowly learning that mom can no longer be manipulated. Lol.

- Grandma and Grandpa moved away and Ari misses them like crazy. She calls grandpa "papa" and he is her favorite person in the world. She has daily conversations with him on the phone and looks forward to his visits back to Utah.

There is so much more going on with Ari her personality has blossomed and she is getting bigger everyday which scares me because of course I want her to be my little baby forever. We love her like crazy and are lucky to have so many people in our lives that love her just as much as we do! Here are some pics from her last birthday party. We are planning her 3rd birthday party on July 3rd, the weekend of her birthday. If you'd like to attend email me at talula1686@hotmail.com with your address and i'll get an invite out to ya.


Niki said...

She has grown so fast, she is so cute, i like her seriousness in her eyes, makes u wonder what she is really thinking?? she is so cute, i sure would like to get to know her better. WoW!! 3! & seeing all the pics, Loved it!!!

Jacob and Nicole said...

She is beautiful! That's so nice you can take her with you to work! Keep updating, it's great to read your blog!

Scott, Fia, Tre, and CJ said...

I love your updates sis! I can't believe Ari is turning three already! They grow up so fast! We are so there for Ari's B-day party! Tre, CJ, and I want to come play with you at LXAS again soon :) Love you!

June Asisi said...

Yeah Lua this was such a cute post. It makes me homesick to see everyone.